2019 Photoshop Chops by Sebastian Motsch

Happy New Year 2020

Flag World greyscaleGoodbye 2019 – Happy New Year 2020


As the year comes to an end, I want to say Thank You to everybody who has liked my creations and supported me in what I’m doing, much appreciated. Let’s see what 2020 will bring – I wish you a great start. Cheers, Sebastian.

2019 Photoshop Chops by Sebastian Motsch

Hispano Suiza H6C Xenia Subonnet by Saoutchik Christmas Sled Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

Merry Christmas!

Flag World greyscaleMerry Christmas!

Hispano Suiza H6C Xenia Dubonnet by Saoutchik   |   Santas’ Sled for the 2019 Season

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MotorPunk Magazine Issue 4 2019

Photoshop Chops Article published in MotorPunk Magazine

Flag World greyscaleFunky Old Marina – Peak British Leyland digitally remastered

2019.09   |   Photoshop Chops   |   MotorPunk Magazine

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Station Service Ouverte France | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2013)

Lost Places | Station Service Ouverte

Flag FranceStation Service Ouverte

Lost Places   |   Rust in Peace

Yesterdays’ post featured a small service station that went out of business, but isn’t fenced off or has a sign saying so. The story today is different. You are looking at pictures of a substantially bigger service station that, for lack of a better word, is closed. Nonetheless, it does sport a sign saying: Station Ouverte.

To tell you the honest truth – this place looked like a film set straight out of a zombie movie! The lack of traffic, heavy clouds and a slight drizzle didn’t make it any more friendly or welcoming!

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Modern Garage CHalus France | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2009)

Lost Places | Modern’ Garage Chalus

Flag FranceModern’ Garage Chalus

Lost Places   |   Rust in Peace

September 2009. Late afternoon, somewhere in rural France. Running low on fuel, we were looking for a service station to fill up the trusty Mercedes. Eventually we found a station just before sunset – and right next to it one of those places that are well and truly lost in time. The overall impression didn’t really match the name of the place – Modern’ Garage. It might have been modern when the sign-writer painted the letters on the front wall decades ago. Peeking inside, we spotted a seemingly brand new Ford Escort Mk3 and many parts boxes of the same period. Around the back I found a Renault 5 Mk2, a pre-facelift Renault 21 and a Peugeot 403. I intended to take a few pictures, but a rather unfriendly dog reminded convinced me that I really wanted to cover many more kilometers before nightfall…

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