Honda Z V12 F1 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch 01

F1 V12 powered Honda Z

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1966 Honda V12 Formula 1

While visiting the Honda Collection Hall at the Motegi Mobility Resort in May 2023, I took several pictures of the John Surtees Formula 1 cars and some detail pictures of the engines. I knew that I would use them at some point for a photoshop project but didn’t have any specific plan in mind.

The plan presented itself yesterday when I found a suitable picture of a small Honda from roughly the same era. The Honda Z was built from 1970 to 1974 and it is not entirely implausible that somebody could have built this in the 1970’s – if they had a spare Honda F1 V12 gathering dust in the workshop and the rather silly idea of building such a mid-engined contraption.

The body has been extensively modified with techniques typically found in the creation of custom cars. It has been sectioned and treated to a top chop, the windshield and B-pillar rake have been changed and the wheel arches relocated to lower the car even further. I retained the lovely light blue paint and added a golden stripe to match the center-lock wheels. If time attack would have been a thing back then, this car might have had a good chance st setting the Tsukuba Circuit track record in an unlimited class.

Honda Z V12 F1 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch 01

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