Full Moon Cruise Passau 2022-05-16 by Sebastian Motsch

Full Moon Cruise Passau | May 2022

Full Moon Cruise Passau

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20211205 Dreisessel Tour Photo by Sebastian Motsch 07

Dreisessel Snow Hike

Snow Hike

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Ford Focus ST in Wertheim Drive-by Snapshot by Sebastian Motsch

Ford Focus ST Turnier | Wertheim Village

Flag GermanyFord Focus ST Turnier

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Ford Focus ST-Line Turnier in Schonungen Drive-by Snapshot by Sebastian Motsch

Ford Focus ST-Line Turnier | Schonungen

Flag GermanyFord Focus ST-Line Turnier

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Mazda Miata NA and Austin Mini Fall Leaves by Sebastian Motsch

Spontaneous Sunset Drive

Spontaneous Sunset Drive

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Bamberg 2013

Bamberg | Landesgartenschau 2013

Flag GermanyLandesgartenschau Bamberg 2013

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Baseball and Cars Karlsruhe | automotive photography by Sebastian Motsch (2010)

Baseball & Cars Karlsruhe | 2010

While sorting out one of my old hard-drives, I found pictures from the 2010 Baseball & Cars US Car Show in Karlsruhe and uploaded them for you to enjoy. Have fun!

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Trucker and Country Festival Geiselwind | autotmotive photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Trucker & Country Festival Geiselwind | 2012

Toni Strohofers’ Autohof in Geiselwind featured the Trucker & Country Festival on the last weekend of May 2012. Hundreds of polished workhorses showed up, along with a few trucks that have been solely built for show purposes. The weather was great – sunny and rather hot. I didn’t have the time to stay for the shows in the evening, so I just took  the pictures featured here.

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Buggy und Käfer Treffen Sulzthal | automotive photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Buggy & Käfer Treffen Sulzthal | 2012

Buggy & Käfer Treffen

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Audi Museum Ingolstadt | automotive photography by Sebastian Motsch (2010)

Audi Museum Mobile | Ingolstadt 2010

Audi Museum Mobile

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