Full Moon Cruise Passau 2022-05-16 by Sebastian Motsch

Full Moon Cruise Passau | May 2022

Full Moon Cruise Passau

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May 2022

The first Full Moon Cruise wasn’t really off to a good start. Clouds obscured the moon and dumped considerable amounts of rain all night.

Steve and I met up anyway and decided to wait out the rainstorm while enjoying a tasty Brotzeit inside the house. Once the rain had trickled off somewhat, we headed out and drove towards Neuhaus am Inn, hoping to get some nice shots of the FIAT 125 and the Lancia k Coupé with the Schärding waterfront in the background.

However, the lights had already been switched off. After a quick stop at Schärding central plaza we drove the windy road to Passau via Schardenberg, met up with Jonas and his Lorinser equipped Mercedes-Benz S210 in a local parking garage, where we chatted about cars and cats for a good hour, sheltering from the elements.

No moon was seen, not much driving was done – but good times where had. Looking forward to what  the next month will bring.

  • FIAT 125   |   Steve
  • Lancia k Coupé   |   Sebastian
  • Mercedes-Benz S210   |   Jonas
  • Friendly Cat

Lancia Kappa Coupé MB S210 and Cat Photo Photo by Sebastian Motsch

Full Moon Cruise Passau 2022-05-16 by Sebastian Motsch

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