Chevrolet Corvette C1 Speedster Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Corvette C1 Speedster 1955

Flag USACorvette C1 Speedster 1955

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2020-07-01 Mazda Miata Trim Pieces Installation by Sebastian Motsch

Mazda Miata NA | JassPerformance Door Pull Straps and Accessories

JassPerformance Door Pull Straps and other Accessories

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Toyota GR Supra A90 Targa | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

Toyota GR Supra Targa (A90)

Flag JapanToyota GR Supra Targa (A90)

Automotive Art   |   Photoshop Chop   |   Concept Car

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SAAB Sonett I Roadster Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

SAAB Sonett Mk1 Roadster

SAAB Sonett Mk1 Roadster

Automotive Art   |   Photoshop Chop   |   Made in Trollhättan by Trolls

I have always loved the shape of the SAAB Sonett Mk1 roadster, but similar to the BMW  507 I never liked the stance and choice of wheels. Diameter too large, tires too skinny and a stance that would suit a 4×4 – not my cup of tea on a roadster intended to be driven hard. Fixing these three problems is exceptionally rewarding on many cars from the 60’s and 70’s, because the designs are often adorable. Apply this recipe to a first generation SAAB Sonett, add a set of American Racing Torq Thrust wheels and tires with white lettering on the sidewalls. Voilà, you have a roadster that it still tiny and nimble, but looks like it packs a lot more punch.

SAAB Sonett I Roadster Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

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Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @photoshopchops

Citroen 2CV Burton Roadster | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2009)

Burton Roadster | Yes, it’s based on a 2CV!

Flag FranceBurton Roadster | Yes, it’s based on a 2CV!

At first glance this might be a vintage something-or-another. And even at the second and third glance most people will still be fooled. If you look closely, you might spot a few hints here and there: three lug wheels and familiar headlights. But only if you open the hood does it dawn on you, that this might not be that vintage at all. This vehicle was actually built in 2007!

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