2020-07-01 Mazda Miata Trim Pieces Installation by Sebastian Motsch

Mazda Miata NA | JassPerformance Door Pull Straps and Accessories


Mazda Miata NA   |   JassPerformance   |   Sunset Installation

Door Pull Straps and other accessories

Today I finally got around to installing the door pull straps and a few other accessories from JassPerformance. The shipment had arrived more than six weeks ago and the box was already gathering dust on a shelf in the garage. All the parts are manufactured to a high standard and are of great quality.

I wanted to remove the armrest because I don’t really like the design and wanted something that ties in with the planned theme of the car: 1960’s caf√© racer.

The actual installation of the pull straps is very simple and took only ten minutes per side:

  • Carefully remove the cover on top of the armrest with a flat screwdriver, undo the three screws and clean the armrest before putting it in a box for eternity storage.
  • Put the black plastic spacer behind the metal piece and tighten the screw lightly.
  • Adjust the door pull strap to the desired angle and tighten the screw.
  • Press the cover with the vintage Mazda logo on the metal piece.

To install the leather map pocket, slide it over the factory door card and tighten the screws. Make sure to test if it clears the rubber seal on the body. I had to re-adjust mine ever so slightly on the drivers side.

Key hole sourround trim and USB charging ports

JassPerformance makes a whole range of interior accessories. I like their range of black brushed stainless steel trim pieces and ordered a set of them. Installation is simple: clean the surface with silicone remover, peel off the tape on the rear side, align properly and press it on. An instant reward for impatient people. Instead of the old cigarette lighter, the Roadster now has two USB connectors to charge mobile phones for driver and passenger.

Same procedure on the other side of the steering wheel. However, if I want to change or modify any of the switches in the future, I might have to remove it. Time will tell…

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