Welly Volkswagen T2a School Bus Scalemodels by Sebastian Motsch

Welly | Volkswagen T2a School Bus

Volkswagen T2a School Bus

1:24 Scale Model   |   Welly   |   Built by Sebastian Motsch   |   Featured in ScaleAuto Magazine

Lupuscastle School District

Trying different wheel options is a fun thing to do when building a scale model. The choice of wheels influences the style of a build massively and is therefore very important. For my Volkswagen T2a School Bus build I wanted USDM wheels on the air-cooled minivan to achieve the California custom style.

Once the wheels have been decided upon it was time to build and detail the interior. Back in the days nobody really cared about seat belts in the USA, so I didn’t add any on the light grey seats.

Welly Volkswagen T2a Interior Scalemodels by Sebastian Motsch

For the exterior I designed the typical school bus markings ad decals and had them printed. Lupuscastle is a fictional city, combined from the Latin word lupus (wulf) and the German word Burg (castle) → Lupuscastle = Wolfsburg. ScaleProduction white metal wipers, photo-etched signal lamps painted with Tamiya red clear and a scratch-built foldable STOP sign add realism.

ScaleAuto Magazine Special Issue | Contest Cars 2013

Volkswagen T2a School Bus by Sebastian Motsch

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