Commune 2nd Omote-Sando Tokyo by Sebastian Motsch

Tokyo | Omotesandō

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06.05.2017   |   Travel Photography   |   Japan   |   Tokyo

Tokyo | Omotesandō

Commune 2nd

After a proper siesta and shower, we went across Tokyo again to meet friends for dinner. Commune 2nd is a nice little area on Omotesandō, where you can buy food and drinks from various food trucks and vending stalls. A small center stage often hosts music bands and other artists. The atmosphere is very relaxed and international.

Omotesandō at Night

After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood for a while and settled for a coffee.

The pictures and Drive-by Snapshots taken on the long walk home inspired me to write a story for Speedhunters, which you can read here.

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