Yakitori Restaurant near Hamamatsucho Station Photo by Sebastian Motsch

Tokyo | Artwork and Local Yakitori

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01.05.2023   |   Travel Photography   |   Urban Exploring


We walked the short distance from our Hotel to Mori Tower because we wanted to see the Mori Art Museum. Unfortunately there was a long queue and after visiting the museum shop we decided to go exploring the city instead.

Art Installation at Mori Tower Roppongi by Sebastian Motsch

Salamander Cars at Mori Art Museum Shop by Sebastian Motsch


We walked from Roppongi down to Azabu-Juban, enjoyed a nice lunch at a local café and headed towards Tokyo Tower. The signs and stickers we found near Azabu-Juban Station are also art, but at the complete opposite end of the cost spectrum.

Tokyo Tower

A quick stop at Tokyo Tower to purchase tickets for the evening and a look at the museum in the basement. We also went to see the Mitsuoka Showroom located nearby, but more on this in a separate post.


We wanted to go to the World Trade Center Viewing Deck, as I did in 2017, but unfortunately it was closed. In search of something to eat we roamed the streets around Hamamatsuchō Station. Eventually we found a nice yakitori, settled down and had a great conversation with two Japanese businessmen who wondered how and why two guys from Germany found this local restaurant.

Yakitori Restaurant near Hamamatsucho Station Photo by Sebastian Motsch

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