Mercedes-Benz 220SE Carrera Panamericana Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch

Mercedes-Benz W111 220SE | Carrera Panamericana

Flag World greyscaleMercedes-Benz W111 220SE

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Nissan Terrano Turbo Pathfinder TE37 Photoshop Chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

Nissan Pathfinder / Terrano Turbo

Flag JapanNissan Pathfinder / Terrano Turbo

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Renault Alpine A110 | Artwork by Sebastian Motsch (2018)

Renault Alpine A110 à Andelot-Blancheville

Flag FranceRenault Alpine A110 à Andelot-Blancheville

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Mini Mk1 with mini-me trailer | Artwork by Sebastian Motsch (2018)

Mini Mk1 with mini-me trailer

Flag FranceMini Mk1 with mini-me trailer

When you least think of it, something out of the ordinary happens. One day in March 2010 we went across the Rhine River to do some shopping in France. As we step out of the Super U we find this lovely little Mini Mk1, complete with a matching trailer. Cute, isn’t it?

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Classic Mack Truck | Artwork by Sebastian Motsch (2018)

Classic Mack Truck and a fleet of Volvos

Flag FranceClassic Mack Truck and a fleet of Volvos

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Ford Transit Mk1 Campervan | Artwork by Sebastian Motsch (2018)

Ford Transit Mk1 | Forwards ever – backwards never!

Flag FranceFord Transit Mk1

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Toyota Tercel 4WD | Pick-up Conversion

Flag FranceToyota Tercel 4WD

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ZA | Midrand to Kaapsche Hoop

Road Trip Swaziland 2007

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