Roadside breakdown South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch

South Africa | Johannesburg to Beaufort West

Johannesburg to Beaufort West

10.04.2012   |   Day 01   |   Johannesburg   >>   Kimberley   >>   Beaufort West

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South Africa Highveld Laezonia | travel photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

South Africa | The first couple of days

Welcome home to South Africa

After living in South Africa for nine months, I eventually had to leave in April 2008 – with tears in my eyes, because I had the most awesome time and found many friends. Before leaving I promised to come back as soon as possible – but I never imagined that it would take me four years! But nonetheless, it didn’t feel like four years at all once I arrived in Jozi.

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Kyalami View Estate | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Kyalami View House

When I came back to South Africa I definitely missed the old house in Visser Street. Heidis’ new house in the Kyalami View Estate is equally nice and cozy.

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Visser Street House Midrand South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2007)

South Africa | Visser Street House

When I moved to South Africa in 2007, all I had was  slip of paper with contact details telling me where I could rent a room. When I left nine months later in April 2008, I literally left home! Heidi and Debbie had become close friends, amongst many others.

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