Roadside breakdown South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch

Johannesburg to Beaufort West

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Johannesburg to Beaufort West

10.04.2012   |   Johannesburg → Kimberley → Beaufort West

My friend Marizca and me wanted to go on a road trip for quite a while. First it took me four years to be able to go back to South Africa – and then it happened all of a sudden and rather spontaneous. I booked the flight just a week in advance. Fortunately Marizca had just finished her exams and was able to take ten days off 🙂

After a late start, going back to Grand Central Airport, swapping the shitty VW Polo for a much better Hyundai i20 and saying goodbye to our friends at What’s new in Processing? we finally hit the road. We had a rough idea where we wanted to go, the Big Hole in Kimberley being the first place on the list. Well… we did eventually get there. Unfortunately we missed the opening hours by a couple of minutes, but that didn’t faze us. We drove around the hole and found a little parking lot from which we could get a glimpse of the pit. The name does speak the truth – it is just a big hole. I guess we didn’t miss much. And it’ll probably still be there the next time around. The sun set just south of Kimberley and we decided to overnight in Beaufort West. With the roads almost deserted and almost no roadworks we made good time, exceeding the posted speed limit just a wee little bit. The hotel in Beaufort West is not really worth mentioning, but at least the reception desk was open 24/7 – behind bars, mind you.

This being a road trip, I took quite a few pictures of… yes, you guessed it: Roads. Distance driven: 1.000 km | Total distance: 1.000 km

PS: We had quite a good laugh that you actually get your Ford or Mazda serviced by humans in Kimberley 😉

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