Stilbaai South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Stilbaai, Skulpiesbaai, Jongensfontein

Flag South Africa

Road Trip South Africa 2012

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Stilbaai to Jongensfontein

12.04. / 13.04.2012   |   Stilbaai → Skulpiesbaai Nature → Jongensfontein → Stilbaai

Stilbaai is very… hmm… still. At least if you happen to be there off-season.

This place is the second home for Marizca, as she spent most of her summer holidays in the family beach house. We visited Tannie Maritjie in her house at the beach front. Look at the picture above, it’s the second house from the right. What a pleasure sitting in tannies’ living room, looking at the beach, the sea and the sky. Step off the balcony and you’re right at the beach – ready for some tanning. Skulpiesbaai Nature Reserve is worth an extended visit, as is Jongensfontein and Lappiesbaai. Supposedly there are beach dassies living on the rocks near the beach in Jongensfontein. And guess what, one of them did show up and posed for a picture. Quite cute, those furry fellows.

A friend of Marizca runs the local pub Puffies’ and naturally we went to see him. We had a good time and they introduced me to some of the locals. One of them invited me to go surfing with him…

We spent almost three full days in Still Bay before we had to move on. Trust me, we would have stayed much longer!
The sunrise over the bay was well worth getting up before dawn. It was so beautiful that I can’t really describe it. The pictures show only a fraction of the colors that have been present at once. Stunning!

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