Peugeot 607 RWD Concept Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Peugeot 607 RWD Concept

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Rear Wheel Drive Concept

Peugeot 607 reference pictureEver since the Peugeot 607 was launched more than two decades ago, the long front overhang has been bothering me. I’ve always been wondering what it might have looked like with a more traditional rear wheel drive layout. It would have certainly helped the overall proportions of the vehicle. Moving the front axle a few centimeters forward shortens the nose and extends the wheelbase while retaining the overall length, granting even higher stability on fast straights like the Autoroute and Autobahn.

Little changes lead to a great effect – the Peugeot 607 looks more stately without compromising the elegant, flowing lines. As always I couldn’t stop there and also lowered the car and enlarged the beautiful alloy wheels.


Peugeot 607 RWD Concept Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

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