Wahiba Sands Desert Wonders Camp Oman | Travel Photography by Sebastian Motsch (2015)

Wahiba Sands | Desert Wonders Camp

Road Trip Oman 2015

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02.01.2015   |   Wahiba Sands

The drive from Ras al Jinz on New Years Day was relaxing and rather uneventful. Many people argue that driving through the desert is dull and boring – and that they would rather fly. To me, it’s the other way around. Every time I fly over a desert, I keep thinking I’d rather be down there driving…

Naser Alhjry, owner of the Desert Wonders Camp, picked us up in Bidiyah and took us on a scenic tour through the Wahiba Sands Desert. Booking the tour is highly recommended, because local knowledge about the flora and fauna beats any book you can read about the desert. Before driving down into the valley where the camp is located, we sat down on one of the highest dunes and admired the beautiful sunset. Naser said that this is his daily ritual, to reflect on the day that has just passed. Who wouldn’t love to be able to do that?

The Desert Wonders Camp itself is very basic and has neither cellphone reception nor electricity. Beds, blankets and a basic shelf are provided in the tents – and what else would you need for sleeping? There are no noises whatsoever. In fact, it is so quiet that you can hear the sound of airplanes flying at an altitude of 30.000 ft! The bathrooms are enclosed, but without a roof. Taking a shower in the moonlight with all the stars blinking above is awesome.

So why would somebody want to book into this particular camp? Because nothing beats the experience of concentrating on the essentials, especially in the desert: food, water, tea, good company and a campfire.

After enjoying a delicious kebab of assorted meat, we went to bed early because we had something special planned for the next day…