Sur to Ras al Jinz

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31.12.2014 / 01.01.2015   |   Sur → Ras al Had → Ras al Jinz

Once again, we had an early breakfast at the hotel and headed out to explore the natural harbor of Sur with it’s famous Dhow wharfs and the beautiful lighthouse. Unfortunately, the Sur Dhow Museum was closed for renovations and we had to peek over the walls of a wharf nearby. It was quite interesting to see the ships being build with ancient tools and materials.

After a quick drive through Ras al Hadd at high noon, we headed towards Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve. The early arrival and check-in was rewarded with the best tent they had available – with the best view towards the sea to be enjoyed thoroughly. What a great way to relax after walking all the way to the beach and back in the afternoon sun!

After enjoying a nice buffet-style dinner with friendly company, we headed to the beach with a guide to find some turtles. Being the lucky bastards we are, we not only saw a large one laying eggs, but also two cute baby turtles on their way to the sea. Returning to the tent, catching a few hours of sleep and then getting up while it was still dark, felt like only a few minutes. And then… back on the beach, we hit the jackpot! Another big turtle. While she returned to the sea, I was able to capture the exact moment she hit the water head-on. What an awesome way to kick-off the new year 2015! 🙂

Sorry for the lack of quality in the night-time pictures. No flash allowed on the beach to protect the turtles.