Taxiway at Kansei International Airport Osaka Photo by Sebastian Motsch

Miyako-jima to Shizuoka

Flag JapanMiyako-jima to Shizuoka

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After refueling and returning our Honda Fit, we hopped in the shuttle for the 5 minute ride to the airport. Never have I been more disappointed by a rental car upgrade, because we missed out on the truly Japanese experience of driving a Daihatsu Tanto kei van, which is not available in Europe.

We have really enjoyed the time on Miyako-jima – it’s a very beautiful and relaxed place. The islanders are very nice, friendly and open-minded people.
Visiting this island is highly recommended. The flight from Miyako-jima to Keisei International airport was very pleasant and a local train takes you to Shin-Osaka via a long bridge over the sea.


Shin-Osaka is a busy train station and I had only a few minutes to buy some omiyage and a magazin to read on the journey.


Starving by the time I arrived in Shizuoka I was glad that my friends picked me up and took me to a restaurant across the road for a delicous all-you-can-eat hot pot dinner.

After dinner we checked out a couple of hobby shops to get aquainted with the things to come the next couple of days.

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