Mitsubishi Lancer Van C12V Mk4 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Mitsubishi Lancer Van C12V

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Lancer Van C12V

Back in the days of the first Covid lockdown 2020, I had plenty of time to search for old cars. Amongst the search results was a fully equipped Mitsubishi Lancer wagon. It literally had everything that was available from the options list, including all wheel drive, air conditioning and twin(!) power sunroofs. A visually interesting original sticker package also made it look great. It was in near-perfect condition and cheap – but travel restrictions meant that I couldn’t go and take a look at it. By the time the restrictions have been lifted, it was gone. A missed chance to buy something even rarer than hens teeth.

When I was a kid these wagons were a common sight in our city, and I always liked the quirky diagonal taillight design. Upon purchasing a set of Mitsubishi Starion 5-spoke wheels in 2021, I pondered the question wether or not they would have looked good on the Unobtainium Edition Lancer. While searching for hi res pictures, I found the base model of all base models: Lancer Van. Not a fancy option in sight, but it has the cool JDM wing mirrors on the bonnet. Lowered, a small chin spoiler added for that retro touch and the answer is easy: yes, the wheels look good on it.

Mitsubishi Lancer Van C12V Mk4 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

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