Mercedes-Benz C107 450 SLC with Custom Top Chop

Flag GermanyMercedes-Benz C107 450 SLC

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Custom Top Chop

When I found the original picture of this Mercedes-Benz C107 450 SLC parked in front of the Nice Matin building, I fell in love with it immediately. The color hues and saturation just scream late 70’s / early 80’s! The picture was immediately saved to the ever growing to-do folder… and gathered virtual dust for a couple of years. Every once in a while, I opened it and pondered the question how I wanted to modify it. Shooting break? Delivery van? In the end, I went for a classic custom top chop, along with a more contemporary set of larger diameter wheels and lower profile tires. Sometimes small changes go a long way in totally changing a vehicles appearance.

Mercedes-Benz C107 450 SLC Top Chop Nice Matin | photoshop chop by Sebastian Motsch (2019)

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Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @photoshopchops