2017 Japan Tokyo World Trade Center Happy Window | travel photography by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

Tokyo | World Trade Center

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05.05.2017   |   Travel Photography   |   Japan   |   Tokyo


The Ginza Parade left us hungry and we went to find something to eat. Japan is a perfect country to be hungry, because most corner shops also offer a variety of delicious hot food at very affordable prices. We sat on a bench and thought the yellow mini-skyscraper across the street looked like half a dozen European garages stacked on top of each other and wondered where the staircase might be hidden. Real estate sure is in short supply here and therefore the Japanese even stack parked bicycles in a clever and efficient way to save space.

World Trade Center

The Tokyo World Trade Center has a visitor platform from which you have a 360° view of Tokyo. We arrived with the sun still high on the horizon and therefore had enough time to enjoy it properly. Jetlag eventually kicked in and we took turns taking a nap on the very comfortable couch, right next to the ” Do Not Sleep” signs. 大変申し訳ございません。

With refreshed eyes and mind, we prepared for the sunset. It was literally mind blowing to see the colors change, shadows intensify and lights being switched on. Tokyo at night looks like I expected and reminded me of different video games I played years ago with a friend.  The Tokyo Eiffel Tower doesn’t look that good in daylight if you have the original in Paris as a reference, but really comes alive at night with colorful illumination.

Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @drivebysnapshots