Japan Miyako-jima Shimajiri Mangroves | Travel Photography by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

Miyako-jima | Shimajiri Mangrove Forest

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08.05.2017   |   Travel Photography   |   Japan   |   Miyako-jima


Shimajiri Mangrove Forest

Coming back from Ikema-jima, we crossed the bridge southbound and immediately turned left after the small fishing village. Following a small road, we soon arrived at Shimajiri Mangroves. Visiting this place was a little eerie, because there was nobody else around. However, discovering this unique ecosystem in utter silence gave us the chance to spot a lot of animals who might have otherwise been spooked into hiding. Shimajiri is the only freshwater mangrove system that developed one kilometer inland without a river. The tidal amplitude is small, but easily noticed when visiting at low tide. 

Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @drivebysnapshots