Jaguar C-Type and XK140 FHC in Alexandra New Zealand Photo by Sebastian Motsch

Jaguar C-Type and 140 FHC

New Zealand 2004

24.08.2004   |   Travel Photography   |   Drive-by Snapshots

Jaguar C-Type and Jaguar 140 FHC

Alexandra, New Zealand

When working in Alexandra, New Zealand, I had the pleasure of having a colleague with a rather eclectic set of Jaguars parked in the shed. The Jaguar 140 FHC serves as his daily driver and the Jaguar C-Type is also used regularly – even in winter. He told tales of driving it through snow storms, which must have been a frightening experience. There is a lovely patina on the otherwise unrestored cars.

Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @drivebysnapshots