Citroen HY Beach Rod Scale Model by Sebastian Motsch

Heller | Citroën HY Beach Rod

Flag FranceCitroën HY Beach Rod

1:24 Scale Model   |   Heller   |   Built by Sebastian Motsch

Many years of waiting ended when Heller released a 1:24 scale model of the Citroën HY van with its signature corrugated metal bodywork. I purchased a kit right away. Upon opening it, I was rather disappointed because some of the parts are molded in clear, forcing you to mask off areas like the windows. A horrible cost-cutting design and not what a modeler wants – let alone any beginners who probably want to buy this as their first kit. Back in the box it went and stayed there until Makoto Kiya (Mr Ebbro) gave me the new Ebbro Citroën HY kit at the toy fair in Nürnberg (どうもありがとうございました). Back at home, I compared the two kits and immediately decided to cut up the Heller and create a Hot Rod, avoiding complicated masking adventures. This idea evolved over time and I eventually ended up with what I call a Beach Rod. A Beach Rod is a vehicle that can transport one or more surfboards to the beach in style.

The rollbar is a 3-point design, to ease getting in and out of the vehicle. The rollcage and the bullbar at the front serve as towel racks at the beach. However, it may be a good idea to drape towels over the bare metal seats to prevent burns when you want to drive off. The surfboard carrier is made from leftover body parts and holds two surfboards. The engine is stock with a scratchbuilt intake manifold featuring open air intakes. The exhaust header has been flipped upside down and features a tractor-style exhaust made from Evergreen tubes.

The background picture is from my Drive-by Snapshots story about an abandoned petrol station in France.

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