Jaguar XJS-C Scale Model by Sebastian Motsch

Hasegawa | Jaguar XJS-C

Flag United KingdomJaguar XJS-C

1:24 Scale Model   |   Hasegawa   |   Built by Sebastian Motsch

The beautifully detailed Hasegawa 1:24 kit of the Jaguar XJS-C had been sitting on the shelve for quite a number of years. I never really found the motivation to build it, but these days there is plenty of time and newfound motivation to finish old WIPs. The interior was built stock, with a two-tone color scheme of terracotta and light brown. Dark wood and black accents give it the look you would expect from a classic Jaguar. The exterior color is not an easy choice on this model and I eventually opted for Tamiya Light Sand Metallic. After finding pictures of a modified XJS on Bring-A-Trailer, I knew what my idea of painting the bumpers body-color instead of black would look like. It gives this otherwise oldschool looking, rollbar-equipped four seater a hint of the more modern facelift version. Wheel choice wasn’t easy and even after consulting with friends about different aftermarket options, I finally went with the TWR wheels from the Hasegawa XJS TWR kit. Suits the car nicels with the lowered and widened stance, doesn’t it? The exhaust tips are made from Evergreen styrene tube, painted with a Molotow chrome pen.

  • Hasegawa Jaguar XJS-C
  • Hasegawa Jaguar XJS TWR wheels

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