2022 Photoshop Chops by Sebastian Motsch

Happy New Year 2023

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2022 Has Been Great

2022 has been a great year. Last Christmas I moved to Passau and it proved very early on that it was the right move, as I’ve been very happy ever since. Many new projects have been finished successfully, even though some of them will only be revealed and published in 2023. I finished only a dozen photoshop chops this year, because my new hobby – kayaking – took up a lot of time in the summer season and even well into winter. I made great new friends while learning the necessary paddling skills and advancing my fitness level. Thank you to everybody who supported me and my artwork this year – I’m looking forward to next years challenges already and wish everybody a Happy New Year 2023!

2022 Photoshop Chops by Sebastian Motsch

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