FIAT Multipla Triposto

FIAT Multipla Triposto

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Not much longer than a Smart – but with three seats

Following my recent idea about downsizing US-cars without losing interior space, and creating a funny-looking Cadillac in the process, got me thinking. If you can shrink something without compromising interior space, could you enlarge something like a smart fortwo and win an additional passenger seat? Not very likely because cutting, altering and welding the smart Tridion safety cell is next to impossible due to the material utilized. But if the smart can’t be enlarged easily, a FIAT Multipla with six seats sure enough can be shortened with a few basic power tools, can’t it?

Let me present the FIAT Multipla Triposto. The perfect car for a school run with two kids. Needs only a tiny space for parking, is very manouverable in tight cities and looks very adorable.
Okay… maybe adorable isn’t the right expression and cute in a weird way would probably better describe a short wheelbase Multipla.*

FIAT Multipla SWB Triposto Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

* Or how would you describe a short wheelbase hippopotamus? 😉


Sebastian Motsch   |   instagram @photoshopchops