Abandoned Tire Shop in Catania Italia Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch

Drive-by Snapshots | Catania

Roadtrip Sicilia 2022

16.06.2022   |   Automotive Photography   |   Drive-by Snapshots

Drive-by Snapshots Catania

Driving into Catania from Monte Etna, we searched for a tire shop open during lunchtime to get our cut tire fixed. Volcanic rocks are really sharp and even a small mishap in a parking lot will damage the tire. Fortunately it was an easy fix and they didn’t even charge us for it. Grazie mille Euromaster Sicali Orazio!

4×4 Nonsolo Fuoristrada di Longo Salvatore

While waiting for our tire to be mended, we checked out the selection of 4x4s next door. Looks like there is some serious off-roading happening on and around the volcano.


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