Chevrolet Lumina APV Custom Corvette C4 V8 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Chevrolet Lumina APV C4 V8

Flag USAChevrolet Lumina APV C4 V8

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Corvette C4 inspired Dustbuster Van

This Chevrolet Lumina APV photoshop has been in the making for half a decade. After the initial idea and motivation it somehow ended up in the ever-growing to do file. A couple of months ago I looked at it again – and reworked the whole vehicle for a more subtle approach, that would still allow the sliding door to be opened. Maybe I will create the crazy wide body version at some point in the future. Wrenching on these so-called Dustbuster Vans during my apprenticeship in the late 90’s started an odd fascination with these quirky vans. Amazing spaceship design straight from the future coupled with a lackluster powertrain and chassis created a weird driving experience and questionable build quality ensured that these are almost extinct by 2022.

The changes may not be easy to spot, but if you look closely you will find modifications that would require lots of skill and patience if done outside of Adobe Photoshop on a real car. Lowering requires the wheel arches to be reshaped, as well as many of the composite body panels. While at it, I decided to add box flares that integrate nicely. The front valance has been treated to more volume, softening the pointy nose of the original. The rear bumper has been turned into a shortened rollpan style item. Corvette C4 17″ alloys and exhaust hint at the possibility of V8 power. However, this would mean serious crafting skills and a rear wheel drive conversion.

Chevrolet Lumina APV Custom Corvette C4 V8 Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Sought after collectible? Not really, but Doug DeMuro managed to find a prime example and reviewed it’s quirks and features on his youtube channel

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