Bentley S1 Continental by Mulliner

Flag United KingdomBentley S1 Continental by Mulliner

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Class and distinguished elegance. This is what most people associate with the Mulliner-bodied Bentley S1 Continental. I wondered what one of the chrome-laden and upright luxury vehicles would look like with only a few select chrome accents and radically reduced height. The low profile of this conversion was achieved by modifying three elements: A mild top chop, relocated fenders and the installation of an airbag system. This allows the car to sit very low, as shown in the picture, yet enables it to be lifted for clearing any driveway the driver might encounter. I leave the imagination up to you what might be hiding under the bonnet. Ample power is the name of the game and requires the large brake setup. From chauffeur driven luxury limousine to enthousiast driven coachbuilt special in a couple of thousend hours – if it would be real.

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