Austin Six in Alexandra New Zealand Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch

Austin Six in Alexandra NZ

New Zealand 2004

15.08.2004   |   Travel Photography   |   Drive-by Snapshots

Austin Six in Alexandra NZ

A vintage car that has never been fiddled with

I stopped to refuel my car at a local petrol station in Alexandra, New Zealand. It was a chilly winter morning, the air smelled like snow. A vintage Austin Six pulled up and the owner also started refueling. It’s always easy to start a conversation with a fellow car enthusiast. He told me that his grandfather bought the car brand new and it got handed down to him eventually. The car has apparently not been fiddled with since new! A couple of accessories, new spare parts now and then – but no major repairs. It has never been repainted and had a wonderful patina inside and out that told all the stories of many years and miles. The gentlemen even asked me if I would like to drive it around the block. Thank you, sir!

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