Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce Zagato Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce Zagato

Alfa Romeo Tonale

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Veloce Zagato

About half a year ago I was invited to the launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale at my local dealer, Platzer & Wimmer. Ever since seeing it in person, something has been bugging me about the design. The interior is a very nice place to be, it drives allright and the overall proportions are okay for a cross-over / SUV type vehicle, but when viewed from the side, the front and rear bumpers are missing some depth (or length?).

While playing around with a few ideas for the Tonale, a friend send me a link to the freshly reveiled Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB by Carozzeria Zagato. Well then, as I prefer (sports) cars over crossovers or SUVs any day of the week, I was instantly hooked and decided to fuse the two vehicles. Many moons later, after many unseccussful attempts, I had it nailed. The result is what you see below: a tall-ish station wagon like car with lower center of gravity and more interesting lines. As with all my photoshop chops, this could of course be built – but any person willing to do that should be prepared to send a hefty sum of money to Zagato. Mind you, they first need to be convinced that they actually want to build this.

Happy Easter to everybody!

Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce Zagato Photoshop by Sebastian Motsch

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