2017 Japan Miyakojima Sunayama Beach | Travel Photography by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

11 | Miyako-jima | Sunayama Beach

Flag JapanThe first destination on our tour around the northern part of Miyako-jima and Ikema-jima took us to Sunayama Beach.

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Roquetas de Mar Spain Impressions 2013

Roquetas de Mar | 2013

Roquetas de Mar | Impressions

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Beach and Cars Meet Muizenberg South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Road Trip South Africa | Car Meeting in Muizenberg

Minding my own business driving along the South African coast near Muizenberg in April 2012, I noticed a gathering of modified vehicles near the beach. Naturally I stopped my rental Hyundai to have a look. The guys are heavily into German cars, with a strong focus on Volkswagen. Being a German sure was a bonus in the situation and led to an interesting conversation. Unfortunately I only had time for a few quick pictures.

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Volkswagen T1 DoKa Crew Cab Surfvan | artwork by Sebastian Motsch (2003)

Volkswagen T1 DoKa Crew Cab Surfvan

From my archive of drawings and renderings: Volkswagen T1 split-window DoKa Crew Cab Surfvan, designed in 2003.

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