South Africa Highveld Laezonia | travel photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

The first couple of days in South Africa

Flag South AfricaRoad Trip South Africa 2012

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Kyalami View Estate | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Kyalami View House Midrand

Flag South AfricaRoadtrip South Africa 2012

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Visser Street House Midrand South Africa | photography by Sebastian Motsch (2007)

ZA | Visser Street House Midrand

Flag South AfricaMidrand

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Nissan Bakkie 1400 Pick-up South Africa Midrand BMW Auto Bavaria | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2008)

Drive-by Snapshot | Nissan Bakkie 1200

Flag South AfricaNissan Bakkie 1200

Automotive Art   |   Drive-by Snapshots   |   South Africa

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