2017 Japan Miyako-jima Cape Nishihennazaki | Travel Photgraphy by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

04 Miyako-jima | Cape Nishihennazaki and Ikema Ohashi

Flag JapanDay 04 | Miyako-jima

08.05.2017   |   Cape Nishihennazaki   |   Ikema Ohashi

Cape Nishihennazaki

Driving up the coast from Sunayama Beach, we passed through a few sleepy fishing villages and arrived at Cape Nishihennazaki. With nobody else around, this tourist destination is a strange place. Very quiet, although you expect to hear happy voices from fellow holidaymakers. Not too many birds to be heard either, because it was very hot around noon.

Ikema Ohashi

Eventually we made our way to Ikema Ohashi, the bridge connecting Miyako-jima and Ikema-jima. A beautiful place with magic colors in the sea – provided the sun decides to come out and highlight them.