2017 Japan Tokyo Yarakucho Station Sunset | Travel Photography by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

02 Tokyo | Sumida River, Minato Park and Yarakucho

Flag JapanDay 02 | Tokyo

06.05.2017   |   Sumida River   |   Minato Park   |   Yarakucho

Sumida River, Minato Park and Yarakucho

We left Tsukiji Fish Market and cycled along the Sumida River. The afternoon sun provided warm light and made the many different buildings of the city look somewhat soft. Only at the end of the park did we see the sign that said it is not allowed to ride bicycles. Fortunately there was nobody around, so we luckily didn’t offend anybody. We returned them near Yarakucho Station and took the Metro back Nogizaka Station, where we started our journey in the morning.